HTC EVO 4G Coming Out June 6th, to Cost Around $200?

May 7, 2010, By Radimir Bobev

This is still a rumor and a largely unconfirmed one, but it would appear that the Sprint HTC EVO 4G is coming on the market around June 6th, and will cost something like $200 with a contract and $600 with none.

The information comes from the Android Central forums, from a user who claims that he’s got the information from a sales representative at The Shack. According to him, the rep spotted some promotional documents on the store’s counter describing the upcoming device, though that’s about all we know about the situation for now.

You have to consider the odds on this one though – a sales representative getting such sensitive information so easily seems a bit sketchy at best, but hey – anything is possible, so we wouldn’t be at all surprised if this turned out to be true. It’s not like we’ll have to wait that long to find out either, there’s just one month to go to the alleged date – so here’s hoping there’s some truth to all this.

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