First T-Mobile myTouch Slide Unboxing Pictures Seen

May 7, 2010, By Radimir Bobev

For some of you, an unboxing may not be that special of an event, especially when you consider we’re already mostly aware of the device in question’s specifications and release date. Still, there’s something special in the whole ordeal for some others, making it pretty much a ritual to observe. If you’re interested in the T-Mobile myTouch Slide, you may want to check out its unboxing pictures.

The pictures, courtesy of The Droid Sector, show a very sleek-looking packaging, one that should grab your attention by itself. It comes in a very nice-looking box, made mostly out of plastic with rubber corners, and perfectly-fitting elements inside.

The device comes with a charger (duh) and a set of headphones. And that’s about as much as we were able to find out from the unboxing, but we have to say – this packaging definitely looks awesome! We can’t help but wonder if they’ll stick with it for the device’s public release, seeing as it seems a bit too fancy for that, but we’ll find out soon enough.

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