How to Install Adobe Flash Plugin on Firefox 3.6.3 in Ubuntu Linux 10.04

May 6, 2010, By Desi Mikkel

Firefox 3.6.3 comes standard with a Ubuntu 10.04 install, but if you want to watch YouTube videos using Adobe flash, you will have to install the plugin yourself. You won’t have to scour the web the find the plugin you need, but you will have to have an internet connection to download and install the Adobe Flash plugin using the Ubuntu Software Center in Lucid Lynx.

Note: If you have an Nvidia video card, you need to already have Nvidia drivers installed on your Ubuntu 10.04 install before doing this. The Adobe Flash plugin found in the Ubuntu Software Center (at the time of this writing) supports: Firefox, Mozilla-Firefox, Mozilla, Iceweasel and Iceape web browers. Epiphany and Galeon can also use this plugin and you should be able to use the Adobe Flash plugin in Konqueror if ‘konqueror-nsplugins’ is installed.

Getting and Installing the Adobe Flash Plugin

Go to Applications > Ubuntu Software Center

search “Flash” in the top right search bar (you should see results within seconds) and click “Adobe Flash Plugin”.

Tip: You can also find this plugin by going to Applications > Ubuntu Software Center > Departments > System

Click the “install” button and you should see a pop-up asking you for a password to authenticate. Go ahead and enter your password now and click the “Authenticate” button.

once the installations progress begins, you should see a subtle progress bar above the install button you clicked earlier.

note: If you are not the admin of the computer you are working on, you will have to go get the password from the admin. You can not complete this step without the password.

Once the installation process is complete, you should see a little green check mark next to the Adobe Flash logo, indicating that this plugin is installed.

Close the software center, launch FireFox, go to YouTube and pick a video to play to test your new plugin. I like ‘Charlie the Unicorn’ from Secret Agent Bob / FilmCow Videos… but pick whatever you want 🙂 Enjoy.

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