Extreme Hacks: 13 Awesome Xbox Mods

May 6, 2010, By Dorina Graham

Thinking outside the box, modders create Xbox 360s that are as cool on the outside as gaming system is on the inside. The Xbox 360 is one of the most customizable gadgets in existence. If you are looking to spruce up your favorite gaming gadget, these 13 weird and wonderful mods may inspire you. Who knows, if you turn your imagination loose, you might create the best Xbox 360 mod ever.

Hollywood Special Effects Xbox 360

(image source: kotaku)

Master Chief is blowing the guts out of this console. When a Hollywood special effects guy designs a custom Xbox 360 console, the results are nothing short of super. Designed by Richard Taylor, who worked on special effects for Lord of the Rings, this one-of-a-kind console is for an auction by Microsoft Australia. The auction is to celebrate the 360 passing the million-sold mark in Australia.

Swarovski Crystals Studded Xbox 360

(image source: SlipperyBrick)

With enough bling to blind you, this Swarovski crystal-studded Xbox 360 was also created for the Microsoft Australia auction. CrystalRoc said they used more than 11,520 individual Swarovski crystals. This mod took over 70 hours to finish.

Transformers All Spark Cube Xbox 360

(image source: walyou)

GivenTats has made many wild and wonderful Xbox 360 mods, but paying homage to Transformers with the All Spark Cube was crazy cool. The All Spark Cube has hand-etched hieroglyphics. The hieroglyphics may be even cooler when the lights are out and they glow.

Xbox 360 Car

(image source: xboxfreedom)

The Xbox-360-car is perhaps the most amazing mod ever. The 360 console is built into the dashboard and the steering wheel holds the controller. All those little pit stops in life might turn into a gamer’s favorite part of running errands. With the Xbox 360 at hand, how could a person resist playing at every stop?

Xbox 360 Laptop Mod

(image source: xboxfreedom)

The Xbox 360 laptop mod is like something out of a gaming geek’s dream. Master modder Ben Heck continues to hack his favorite gadgets and turn out end products that wow us. Heck combined the Xbox 360 with a laptop.

Xbox 360 Mod with Mini LCD

(image source: xboxfreedom)

If you want your Xbox 360 to be truly portable, then having a widescreen mini LCD screen fitted right in the console may be the way to go. The LCD screen is about 7 inches wide. With the visual interface built into this Xbox 360 LCD Mod, all you would need is electricity.

Half Life-2

(image source: xboxfreedom)

The Half Life-2 Xbox 360 Case Mod is inspired by the popular game Half Life 2. Pin Point created and custom-painted the Half Life logo on both sides. If you are a Half Life-2 fan, then this might be the perfect Xbox 360 for you.

Xbox 360 Reborn as an Xbox 360 PC Mod

(image source: xboxfreedom)

If you have a dead Xbox 360, would you consider repurposing  it into a fully functioning computer? That junk Xbox 360 can be reborn as a PC. This Xbox 360 mod has a 3.0Ghz Pentium 4 HT, 512 MB RAM, 60GB 4200rpm SATA HDD, DVD ROM, CD RW, 8x USB 2.0 pots and Integrated Intel graphics. Pretty sweet!

Red Hot Sizzle

(image source: xboxfreedom)

If you love grilling, then perhaps making your Xbox 360 resemble a red hot grill is the right mod for you? The meshed body case and glowing red neons inside give the mod the sizzling red look of burning coals. This Xbox 360 mod is a bit strange but also sizzling hot.

Gears of War

(image source: xboxfreedom)

There are lots of GoW Xbox mods out there, but this Gears of War Xbox 360 mod has amazing artwork. The mutilated epoxy case and lighting display should ramp up the adrenaline for any GoW fan. It combines the Gears of War name in 3D with the cool skull emblem on the top of the Xbox.

Chrome Xbox 360

(image source: technabob)

The Xbox Chrome Case Mod is available for sale at Extreme-Mods. The cost is $60, but then you’d have a mirror ready at any time you were gaming and needed it. The chrome controller would be easy to spot if you sat it down, at least until it was smudged with fingerprints and less shiny.

Skull Shaped Xbox 360 Controller Cradle

(image source: xboxfreedom)

Bonus: This may inspire you to create your own cool accessories to match your case mod. The Skull Xbox 360 controller cradle is an art project by Darryl Smith. The Halo themed Xbox 360 controller matches the Halo 3 logo on the skull.


(image source: PC World)

When that sad day comes that your Xbox 360 dies, Aussie designer Alexis Vanamois has created a coffin for your favorite piece of hardware. The Xbox 360 ROD Coffin is the ultimate final resting place for ‘bricked’ Xbox 360 consoles. So you won’t have to lay it rest alone, the coffin even has a cavity for the controller to join it.

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