AT&T Prolongs Their Exclusivity With Apple; Verizon Won’t Be Getting the iPhone Until 2011?

May 6, 2010, By Radimir Bobev

It’s still just a rumor, and a rather vague one, but there are some things behind it making us believe there could be some truth to all of it. Anyway, it seems that those of you waiting for the Verizon Wireless iPhone will have to wait a biiit more longer – until 2011, actually.

In related news, it seems that AT&T are going to extend their exclusivity for the device. They’re currently offering various data plans for the iPad without requiring a contract, for a very competitive price ($15/250MB or $30 for unlimited data). An analyst of BroadPoint AmTech, Bian Marshall, expresses curiosity over why AT&T have agreed on such cheap terms – surely they must’ve gotten something in return behind the scenes?

His theory is that the “something” in question will be an extended exclusivity for the iPhone at AT&T. If this is true, AT&T would retain exclusive distribution rights to the iPhone until the end of 2010, while leaving Verizon out of the picture until 2011.

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