Fallout: New Vegas Previewed

May 5, 2010, By Radimir Bobev

Fallout 3 made an absolute sensation when it was released in 2008, which is why it’s now gearing up for an update titled New Vegas — only this time it’s not being developed by the original developers, Bethesda, but instead by Obsidian Entertainment who were founded by none other but the people behind the original Fallout 1 & 2.

The new Fallout: New Vegas introduces various tweaks to the game, including in its gameplay. Weapons have been refined and each should now be a lot more useful, with various combinations between the weapons making them even better.

There’s a new HUD element which tells you if the weapon you’re currently using is particularly ineffective against your current opponent, too – which should further stimulate the variety of choices.

There’s now a “Companion Wheel,” which will let you adjust the AI of the NPCs accompanying you a lot more easily now. One common complaint about those NPCs was that they were not all that useful in the original Fallout 3 due to the lack of player control over them.

For the tougher ones, there’s now a hardcore mode as well, which makes various changes to the gameplay rules making it more challenging for the player.

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