Chrome’s New Beta Packs Great Performance

May 5, 2010, By Radimir Bobev

Google have just released a new beta for their Chrome browser for Windows, and this one marks a very noticeable increase in performance – the browser appears to be at least 20% faster than its predecessor. That said, it’s still behind Opera which currently holds the lead in this area.

The data comes from tests performed by Computerworld, who determined that the Chrome beta launched yesterday, is currently the second fastest browser on the Windows platform. The new version, having the number 5.0.375.29, has improved its JavaScript rendering engine by about 17% as compared to the current stable edition.

If you’re looking for quick JavaScript rendering though, Opera 10.53 is still the way to go – its benchmarks showed at 16% improvement over the results produced by Chrome, so Opera still holds the lead quite steadily – this has been so for about three months now since its update in February, which included a completely revamped JavaScript engine, called “Carakan.” We’ll be following Google’s progress on this one, here’s hoping they manage to get the rendering speeds even higher!

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