British Citizen Gets 5-Year Ban on Buying Phones

May 5, 2010, By Radimir Bobev

A 24-year citizen of England has received a 5-year ban which prevents him from buying any and all phones – mobile or stationary. The ban came about after the person in question placed hundreds of hoax phone calls to the emergency services number of the nation.

In one case, he actually dialed the 999 line 50 times in one single hour. The government has responded to his actions by preventing him from purchasing telecommunications devices for the next five years. But there’s also more – not only can he not buy a phone, but he also received an ASBO (Anti-Social Behavior Order).

The result of the latter is that he is actually restricted from even holding a SIM card on his person – too much? We can’t say for sure. Looking at the actions that drove to this, we can actually see where the government is coming from – making life tougher for those responding to people in emergency isn’t exactly our idea of a cool prank… let alone a sensible one.

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