Verizon Droid Incredible OTA Update Fixes Exchange Bug, Random Reboots Still a Problem

May 4, 2010, By Alex Ion

Verizon customers who experienced issues Exchange issues on their new Droid Incredible should know that there’s already an OTA update (yes the first update for the Incredible is out already) that solves the problem. Too bad we can’t say the say about those random reboots and radio bugs we’ve been hearing around from all those early adopters, but it’s a step in the right direction.

The new 1.22.605.2 CL161494 software update for the Droid Incredible only solves Microsoft Exchange issues for corporate users who reported that CC fields were being populated with unintended addresses beforehand. And yes, we’re hearing that only users with a corporate handset will see the upgrade — so what happens with all of us who use Microsoft Exchange but don’t have a corporate handset?

It was discovered that customers using Exchange for corporate email may find when an email is opened that has no recipients in the CC field, unintended recipients email addresses can sometimes be added into the CC field from previously received emails when the user selects the reply all function. The update that is being pushed to customers is to correct that issue. THIS ONLY IMPACTS EXCHANGE Users (corporate users).

Okay Verizon, we’re impressed, but now we’ll wait for you to solve all those pesky reboots issues on the HTC Incredible …

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