Verizon Palm Pre Plus now available for $30 on contract

May 3, 2010, By Thomas Antony

If you were thinking off bagging a webOS handset, now might be the time, as Verizon has just dropped the pricing on their Palm Pre Plus to just $29.99 on contract. This is substantially lesser than the prices offered by competitors Sprint and AT&T ( $149 ). This is the second round of price cuts from Verizon which had earlier brought down the Palm Pre Plus to $49.99 .

With this new pricecut, the Palm Pre Plus is priced at the same rate as the Palm Pixi Plus on Verizon. The Pre Plus has the advantage over Pixi Plus of having a larger display and more memory. The Palm Pre Plus also comes with a free mobile hotspot which can turn them into MiFi-style portable routers to use with your iPad. There is no news whether there will be further price cuts on the smartphones, but $30, the Palm Pre Plus is definitely a good buy for its features. The Palm Pre Plus had debuted for $200 on contract and $600 unsubsidized.

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