Team Fortress 2 Collectible 12″ Heavy Weapons Guy Figure Will Set You Back $230

May 3, 2010, By Radimir Bobev

Valve, creators of one of the most popular first person shooters today – Team Fortress 2 – have recently signed a deal with Gaming Heads, who’ll manufacture various collectible merchandise related to Valve’s games, such as desktop figures and lifesize replicas of props and characters. The first in the line will be a 12-inch figure of the Heavy Weapons Guy from Team Fortress 2, offered in both a BLU and RED variety. The bad news – it’ll cost you quite a bit.

GamingHeads just revealed the prices for the 12″ Heavy figure, and it will cost a whopping $229.99 – and that’s without the shipping! If you were expecting to decorate your desk with the Heavy, you’ll perhaps have to reconsider if the price doesn’t seem very affordable to you.

GamingHeads are still experiencing difficulties with their website, so you may not be able to order right away – but if you do manage to get through, you can already place a pre-order on the figure. No details on the actual release date yet.

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