Nokia N8 32GB version showcased in leaked photo

May 3, 2010, By Thomas Antony

A leaked shot has come out showing a 32GB version of Nokia’s flagship N8 smartphone. This is double that of the 16GB storage found in the currently available N8 handsets. The photos which leaked from an Arab site named SaudiMac is supposedly those of pre-production handsets which are already shipping there.

The N8 is the first handset to use the Symbian^3 OS and adds modern features such as multi-touch, multiple homescreens and live homescreen widgets as is found in iPhone and Android. It will also be the Nokia’s first handset to support 802.11n WiFi and also support all five major 3G bands on HSPA including those needed for AT&T and T-Mobile in the US. It also has a new 680MHz processor that supports 720p HD playback with Dolby Digital Plus surround support when using the HDMI output capability.

Nokia has earlier released higher capacity versions of their smartphones. They did it with the N95 8GB and the X6. While it is possible that the new handset may simply have a support for 32GB microSDHC cards, it is highly likely that it will be having 32GB of internal storage in addition to support for external storage.

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