Verizon Wireless Droid Incredible to Feature Internet Sharing

May 1, 2010, By Radimir Bobev

The Droid, as if it’s not a good enough device already, just got another noteworthy feature on Verizon’s network. The feature in question is the Mobile Broadband Connect app, which should already be present on your device – it allows you to tether and share a 3G Internet connection with another device, like your laptop.

However, there’s a catch – even though Palm Pre Plus users got a good offer on this, Droid Incredible’s tethering will cost money. However, the price seems to be quite fair and, in all honesty, very competitive compared to what other providers will charge you for a similar service.

There’ll be two different plans – one will cost you $15 a month, and the other will set you back $30 each month. With both plans, you get 5GB data usage, and you can also get both at a discount for a limited time – the offer is valid until July 15th, and saves you $5 from each plan, dropping them to $10 and $25.

Another good thing is that it’s offered as an add-on service and has no time obligations, like a normal contract for a phone does for example (binding you to two years of service, etc).

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