AT&T Locked Apple iPad WiFi+3G Variant Goes Public And The Problems Already Begin

May 1, 2010, By Atul Roach

The 3G enabled version of the AT&T locked Apple iPad went public on Friday and although this implies more sales and profits for Apple, it is the AT&T 3G service which is gone heavily under the scanner since the release of this variant. AT&T is already defamed for its 3G network problems and the US carrier has made matters worse for itself by offering ‘unlimited data’ services for $30 a month.

AT&T so dearly hoped that the iPad is a WiFi driven product but the 3G speed hungry users will not just use WiFi to leave the AT&T servers congestion free. We had already predicted that AT&T will be in trouble once the 3G version goes public but AT&T had other ideas.

With the 3G iPad now in public hands, numerous complaints have started flowing in as users are disappointed with the quality of videos being rendered through the built-in YouTube app. The videos being rendered are definitely not HD when buffered through the 3G network and they look significantly downgraded.

Not just the HD, even the standard videos over the 3G network appear to be sub-standard and therefore the big question is how much bandwidth are the videos consuming. Not just the distorted quality of the videos, there are other issues as well.

The Skype iPhone app is not working on the 3G laden Apple tablet and therefore the users cannot yet make or receive Skype calls. When the specific Skype app for the iPad is released, will AT&T be willing enough to allow unlimited calls for $30 a month.

The iPad is a great thingamajig but the problem is that AT&T is not good enough a service to make people realize the sheer quality of this tablet. We wonder why Apple is so head-bound on keeping its exclusive ties alive with AT&T.

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