Valve Releases Exclusive Items for TF2 Veterans, Live TF2 Heavy Weapons Guy Figurine Coming in a Few Days!

April 30, 2010, By Radimir Bobev

To commemorate Team Fortress 2’s 119th update, Valve have released a unique set of three medal-like items – a gold, silver, and bronze one – which will be automatically awarded to players based on the time they’ve played the game. The items can be equipped by any class in the “misc” slot. Also, the company has signed a deal with GamingHeads, who’ll manufacture a static figurine of the Heavy Weapons Guy, the “face” of the game’s characters.

The time you’ll have to have played the game to be eligible for a medal are as follows: if you’ve played it in the first 3 months since its release, you’ll get a gold medal. If you’ve played it during its first year, you’ll get a silver one – and everyone else (presumably up until today’s update date) gets a bronze medal. However, as of writing this article, there’s been a bug in the drop system which awards incorrect medals, so they’ve been revoked right now and will be awarded again as soon as the problems are fixed.

To those of you looking to decorate their desks with a smiling, cheerful Russian wielding a giant minigun, you’ll be able to preorder the figurine starting May 3rd, though we still don’t know anything on the pricing and shipment details.

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