Microsoft Courier Tablet Project Called Off

April 30, 2010, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

It seems like tablet projects are hitting the speed breaker. We have already heard of the HP Slate and its destiny. There is now talk of Microsoft abandoning its Courier dual-screen tablet half mid way. From what we get to know, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer has told the Courier tablet engineers that the company has decided not to support the project any more.

Though Courier has been touted as a Microsoft project until now, the company now says that it doesn’t have any plan to make it a production device. This comes as a major blow for enthusiasts who had been anticipating the arrival of the device.  It was expected that Microsoft would bring to their midst a dual-core Tegra tablet. The Courier was to look at luring professionals and students who were hoping for the arrival of tools for note-taking and collaboration. The dual screens were being described as interfaces that provided a mix of finger and pen input. Everything has gone down the drain, with Microsoft ruthlessly dumping the project.

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