Hewlett-Packard Slate Windows 7 Tablet Project Stalled

April 30, 2010, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Hewlett-Packard is said to be kicking its Windows 7 tablet PC plans to the dustbin. Also called the Slate, the much-hyped, much anticipated project was first unveiled in January 2010 and was expected to come to the market by middle of this year.

It is being reported that HP preferred to do away with the Slate project as it is terribly dissatisfied with Windows 7 as a tablet Operating System!

That could mean that HP, if at all it revives the project at a later stage, could be looking at a Google-powered OS to drive the Slate. Rumors flying thick and fast say that HP may also look at dumping the Intel-based hardware for its slate lineup as it has been proving to be power consuming. So no Windows 7 or Intel for the HP Slate if it makes a revival strategy next time it wants to.

Going deep into what would be HP looking at next would bring to the fore options such as Google-powered devices, which have already been announced, or even the Palm WebOS.

So, that brings to an end the story of a Windows 7-powered HP Slate. If you would remember the hype had been triggered after Microsoft boss Steve Ballmer announced the device at the Consumer Electronics Show in January. He had then shown the Slate as running a standard installation of Windows 7. HP seems to have novel plans.

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