Verizon HTC Droid Incredible to Reach Customers Today, Big Red Subscribers Excited

April 29, 2010, By Atul Roach

Enough of reading and scanning of the HTC Droid Incredible features folks, it is time that you actually get set for the delivery of the Android baby that has sure run the world crazy in the past few days. While the HTC EVO 4G admirers still have a lot of waiting to be done, the Verizon subscribers are the ones that will get the exclusive chance of teasing the world with the best Android possession to arrive shortly.

If any of you is still aiming to making the big switch to Nexus One, it is time that you forget waiting for the Google handset and rush to the nearest Big Red store and shell all that you got in your pocket on the more deserving HTC Incredible.

It is gong to be a fresh new handset that hasn’t arrived elsewhere in the world so make sure you grab some extra accessories so that the world around you burns with jealousy. Agreed that flaunting is a bad habit, but it holds in good stead if the doodad you flash is an exclusive ‘beauty’.

As I conclude, I will again love to stress on the fact that waiting for the Verizon branded iPhone or Nexus One is sheer stupidity and it is time that you grab an HTC Incredible right away.

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