Stolen Apple iPhone 4G/HD Prototype Row Intensifies: Gizmodo Grilling Police Over iPhone Prototype Raid

April 29, 2010, By Atul Roach

The lost iPhone 4G prototype row which saw the police raiding Gizmodo editor Jason Chen’s dwelling, hence sparking various sorts of controversies in the gadget arena isn’t seemingly getting over. If Apple took great pride in dragging the Gizmodo editor into this row and pressing charges, Gizmodo is now in the mood to give a fitting legal replay.

Not sure about Apple, but Gizmodo is considering suing the police for the ‘unethical’ raid that it carried at Chen’s house by seizing some of his computer equipment. Gizmodo’s attorney (Thomas Burke) taking care of this dispute mentioned that Gizmodo could in turn sue the police for conducting a raid on Chen’s home as his house qualifies as a newsroom protected by Shield Laws.

Burke also detailed that searching the house was not the appropriate method in this situation, and the police could have avoided the raid by contacting Gizmodo HQ first and seeking direct cooperation in the issue related to theft and the sale of stolen merchandise.

Burke said Gizmodo in turn would have quickly given assurances under penalty of perjury ascertaining that no crucial information is destroyed. The situation has seemingly intensified after the police raid and it can only get worst from here.

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