SkyFire 2.0 lands offering in-browser Flashvideo support in Android

April 29, 2010, By Thomas Antony

Steve Jobs may think Flash is no good for mobile devices, but that hasn’t stopped SkyFire from releasing the latest version of their web-browser for Android, with support for in-browser flash video playback. The new version comes with a “SkyBar” which brings in automatic Flash video streaming and social networking integration.

Now how does this work? Skyfire doesn’t actually play the videos directly. It uses a remote server to convert the videos on the fly and display them in-browser to HTML5 and other such mobile-friendly formats. So when you come across a Youtube video link, you can click the “Video” button and play it right away.

Skyfire also comes with the usual features such as multitouch gesture support and tabbed browsing. Skyire 2.0 is now available through the Android market or from

The guys over at Engadget made a test run with it. See the video below

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