Palm Updates webOS to Version for Verizon Subscribers

April 29, 2010, By Atul Roach

Palm must be winding up its ownership papers by now ultimately to surrender itself to HTC but the company still hasn’t lost its focus completely. The thing which made Palm famous (at least for a couple of years) was its webOS and before Palm finishes the winding up job, it has made sure that the webOS version update is released for the Big Red subscribers.

It may not be the biggest ‘update’ revelation, but for me, Palm still updating the OS speaks a lot about the character of the company. WebOS is important and even HTC, the next owner of Palm, has already mentioned that the priority after the complete take over, will be developing webOS furthermore.

Regarding the update, it has not brought any new applications along with it, but the pinch-to-zoom feature now works correctly in Doc and PDF views. Also, the minute update takes care of a lag in the camera shutter sound.

Users who complained about forwarding videos uploaded to YouTube through email will also be glad to know that the update takes care of their concern. Lastly, the update takes care of the keyboard input issue where a single key press would generate a letter twice.

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