Nokia N8 Gets Reviewed ‘Again’, With Far Better Results

April 29, 2010, By Atul Roach

The first review of the Nokia Symbian^3 laden N8 wasn’t a pleasing one as the Russians openly proclaimed that the OS was not good enough to match the might of the iPhone or the Android OS, but things have changed drastically and pleasingly for Nokia in its second preview.

The second thorough intersection of the next Nokia flagship was done in Netherlands where the gadget freaks think that although the Symbian^3 is not utterly convincing, what they do like is its open source nature. For the dutch, the OS feels a tad old fashioned but it is still a great improvement when you compare it directly with the Nokia N97.

They probably got their hands on another of those pre-production prototypes and despite that, they admire the build quality and even the sound quality, especially taking into consideration the bass.

Talk about the screen response and this flagship prototype does much better than all the other Nokia smartphones until date, though the likes of HTC Desire still feel better. The good thing is that the N8 for the Dutch can pip the Xperia X10 in a screen responsiveness comparison.

The Dutch freaks also loved its camera and they believe that imaging is N8’s main strength. So here we have it folks, that although it is not predicted to be the best smartphone, it sure is the ‘best’ Nokia can offer at the moment.

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