Microsoft Cancels Live Windows Conference

April 29, 2010, By Radimir Bobev

Microsoft had plans to hold a Windows Summit event in Redmond in May, getting together with attendants in person to discuss. However, they’ve now announced that the conference won’t be held in person as initially announced, but will be replaced by a series of online presentations.

If you’ve already signed up for the conference, you should be contacted by Microsoft with an offer for a refund. According to the company, the decision was made in an attempt to spread the presented information to a broader audience – from Microsoft’s words, “To meet a variety of needs for folks looking for information on Windows, we decided it was in the best interest of both current and future designers, testers, developers, and engineers to make the information more broadly available.”

The new presentations will begin by first targeting device developers and will be posted on Made 25, after which it will be able to be streamed on demand. There will also be two more online sessions on June 2 and June 16, which will address system and software developers.

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