Asus Reveals Eee PC 1218, Sleek Aluminum Exterior

April 29, 2010, By Radimir Bobev

The Asus Eee PC 1218 just got its little showcase with a few images being released onto the Internet, and from what we can see it certainly looks very unique and stands out from the other Eee PCs. The laptop packs a very stylish, all-aluminum exterior casing, which is quite different from what we’ve seen so far in Asus’s netbooks.

It will come in two color variants, silver and black (or at least those are the ones shown in the pictures), and a built-in webcam with privacy adjustments – this is in response to an uprising concern lately that webcams can be manipulated remotely by unauthorized access to the computer, and laptops with integrated cameras that can’t be shut off presented a security risk – that’s why the 1218 has a slider over the camera’s lens.

Specifications remain unknown, sadly, but we do know that it will offer a 12.1″ display, with all the ports situated on the back of the laptop. Price and release date also remain unknown, but we should get more info on those as time goes.

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