Amazon Kindle Firmware 2.5 Update Slated to Arrive in May End, What’s It Got in Store for You?

April 29, 2010, By Atul Roach

There is good news for the Amazon Kindle e-reader owners as the firmware update 2.5 has been announced for the end of May, 2010. The beta version of the firmware 2.5 is already being rolled out to a select group of people as the update is expected to tap social networking platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

With the rise of the tablet form factor, the e-reader market is expected to experience a substantial downturn and therefore the e-reader manufacturers have to resort to new and attractive ways to keep the consumer interest alive. Amazon is already on the verge of selling the Kindle through retail for the very first time, and now this social networking integration through the next firmware update appears to another face saving move.

The update will enable the Kindle and Kindle DX users to share book passages on Facebook and Twitter directly from the Kindle. The eBook organization will also be made more potent using a new set of tools that the update shall render.

One such tool will be the ‘collections’ feature that will allow the users to organize books and documents into one or more collections. Password protection of the Kindle will also be possible after the update arrives in the end of May.

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