Acer Mobile Internet Devices Set to Swarm the Market in May

April 29, 2010, By Atul Roach

Acer is not just convinced with its dominant position in the netbook market segment and the company is planning to expand furthermore on its mobile internet devices. The expansion will be a substantial one as Acer will unleash a whole new line of MIDs in May this year. It is noteworthy that Acer depends a lot on the sales of its mobile devices which account for 69% of its revenue.

Along with the fresh lineage of MIDs, Acer will also release the updated version of its Shell user interface-version 4.0, and the upcoming MIDs will be laden with the same.

Sadly, the exact nature of these devices is not yet known as Acer is not willing to let go the secret apparently. Acer has been successful with its notebooks and the results have been even better for its netbook segment and we are therefore inclined to believe that the fresh lineage will mostly include netbooks.

Considering the success of the Apple iPad, Acer might be thinking on the lines of unleashing a pure tablet and we are so desperately wanting that to happen.

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