The Awakening: Microsoft Claiming Google Android Infringes on its Patents

April 28, 2010, By Atul Roach

There cannot be a better description for the word ‘awakening’ other than the way Microsoft has realized that Google open source platform Android infringes its patents. August 28, 2008 is when the Android was created and two months later, it was ready to use for the public. A year and a half has passed since the day and it is ‘now’ that Redmond realizes Android is infringing the patents awarded to MSFT.

MSFT does not tell us how specific the infringement is but, the common belief is that these infringements are related to both the user interface and the underlying operating system.

Honestly speaking, there is no heavy-duty breach that could dent Microsoft’s future plans and it is just an attempt to undermine Android before the release of its very own Windows Phone 7. Microsoft in the past has taken on the Linux OS and TomTom (Sat Nav) and this claim is a senseless addition to MSFT’s proud list of legal battles, although Google is yet to challenge it in any manner whatsoever.

HTC in all this has done possibly the most sensible thing-applied for a license from MSFT to run all Android features on its devices.

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