Sprint Releases First Quarterly Results for this Year – 75,000 New Customers

April 28, 2010, By Radimir Bobev

Sprint have just revealed their results for the first fiscal quarter of the year, and they’re currently the #3 wireless carrier in the United States. They’ve managed to attract 75,000 new customers for this quarter, registering a revenue of $8.1 billion with a $865 million loss.

Other details include the company’s churn rate which is 2.15%, which is somewhat better than last year’s first quarter when it was 2.25% – though if we look at just a few months ago, at Q4 2009, they were at 2.09%.

The company is making around $55 on average per customer, which hasn’t changed much lately. The results seem to be more or less satisfying, and the company appears to be doing well – though if you want to help them do even better, now’s the time to jump in on that EVO 4G deal and help them reduce their churn rate – after all, the quality of their services seems to be quite good lately, so it’s not like you won’t be in for a good deal.

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