Sony Teases Fanatics With VAIO Ultra Mobile Clip, What Could It Be?

April 28, 2010, By Atul Roach

I guess Sony is learning a thing or two about teasing from Apple but where the latter resorts to loosing prototypes in bars and letting go the entire spec sheet, the former is more direct by relaying an ad campaign that is somewhat mysterious in nature. Jokes apart people, Sony is teasing the fanatics with a VAIO Ultra Mobile clip but no conclusions can be drawn regarding the precise nature of this touted product.

This teaser clip is all we have to make all sorts of assumptions regarding the nature of the product. A Japanese editor would have definitely helped our cause but for the moment, we will have to be satisfied with presumptions only.

So what could the Sony VAIO Ultra Mobile be? It says coming soon, so we could be in for a surprise in the not so distant future. The probabilities include a reworked version of the VAIO X notebook or the VAIO P netbook.

The advert may also imply that Sony is going in for a freshtake on its enduring VAIO UX micro PC. As I said, presumptions are all we can rely on until Sony feels generous.

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