SK Telecom to Unveil 8 Google Android Smartphones by Q2 to Lure Customers Away From Apple iPhone

April 28, 2010, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

In its bid to bring customer attention back to smartphones that run Google Android in a major way, South Korean telecommunications carrier SK Telecom is lining up the launch of as many as eight Android handsets on its network.  The unveiling will happen by the second quarter of this year if plans work as per schedule.  The unique unveiling of such a good number of Android smartphones is also being seen as an effort aimed at catching the attention of mobile enthusiasts who have been smitten by the iPhone lure.

SK Telecom believes that the effort will be more effective with Android phones being lined up. It hopes that the Android eco-system, which boasts of many an app developer, handset maker, carrier and user in its fold, will be sought after by the customers in Korea The eight models waiting to be picked by SK Telecom are those made by Samsung, LG, Pantech, Taiwan’s HTC, Sony Ericsson and Motorola.

It is being reported that handset makers could use Google’s Android as a free-of-charge mobile operating system for their smartphones, which makes them different from Apple, which does not supply its iPhone operating system for other handset makers.

Talking SK Telecom, we are told that the carrier is also lining up HTC’s model based on Windows mobile system and a BlackBerry model too soon. This apart, it will bring to the market the Samsung Galaxy S to customers by June.

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