Nintendo Black Wii to Come to US, Canada Finally; Could Sell For $199.99

April 28, 2010, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Nintendo is doing a rethink. Long after the black version of the Nintendo Wii was rolled out in Japan, the device is back in the news all of a sudden. It is now being said that the black Wii would arrive in US and Canadian stores in a few days from now!

Though the device was expected to come to the United States soon after the launch, it did not happen even after months of anticipation. All talk of an arrival at least late was then put to rest by Nintendo when it officially revealed that the black Wii will not be coming to the United States. The dates, finally, are out. The Black Nintendo Wii is seen as coming to retail stores in the US on May 9, while Canada will get to play with the device starting May 23. Our search to find out what all will the package include, revealed that a copy of the Wii Sports Resort and a Wii Motion Plus add-on would be offered along with the device when it gets unveiled in the US and Canada next month. It is likely that the price tag would read $199.99. get set for the black Wii beauty, and get ready to play.

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