Latest MacBook Pro Core i7 Powered Models Reportedly Overheating

April 28, 2010, By Atul Roach

You sure envy the latest lineage of MacBook Pro models powered by Intel’s 2010 Core i7 processors for turning your MacBook Pro obsolete, don’t you! Well, all is not running smooth for the latest models either, so it is good, that for the moment, you own the 2009 MacBook Pro model. The newest shipments, especially the ones powered by Intel Core i7 have been reportedly overheating.

The Core i7 chips integration was a great news upfront as it implied better and faster computing speeds for the Pro but, the processor hasn’t been a great help in keeping the notebook cool.

It was PCAuthority which discovered the overheating problem while testing the Core i7 laden 2010 MacBook Pro model. PCAuthority realized that the notebook chassis was extremely warm and it later confirmed the heat to be around 100 degrees Celsius-definitely unacceptable.

A similar processor laden Fujitsu LifeBook was also tested by PCAuthority in the past but, in that case, the chassis temperature never crossed 20 degrees Celsius. This obviously indicates that Apple has got the latest MacBook Pro notebook design woefully wrong.

The chassis was so hot that the 2010 MacBook Pro had to be lifted on its side to ensure that it did not heat up further to dangerous limits. Apple has seemingly hurried this design as the new model made it to the market in just 10 months, and now Apple will have to overcome this problem on an individual level.

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