Google Marketplace Closing in on Apple, Android Reaches 50,000 Applications

April 28, 2010, By Atul Roach

We last spoke about the Google Android marketplace when it hit 35,000 applications almost a month ago and tracking the development furthermore, the reported number of applications has now reached 50,000. This makes Android marketplace the second most lucrative opportunity for app developers after the Apple App Store. The app count at the App Store sits at an overwhelming 200,000 apps which is why we understand you might take offense to ‘closing in’ in the title, but we seriously implied ‘reducing the gap’ and nothing more.

The app count reaching 50,000 is great news for Verizon loyalists who will be intending to switch to the Droid Incredible experience, as they will have an amazing gallery of apps to run on the Incredible and customize it the way they want.

We again stress on the fact that Android and Apple applications cannot be apparently compared as the App Store managed to reach 50,000 applications within one year, whereas the same feat has taken Google marketplace 18 months or so.

Talking about the apps that both had to get rid off and hence lessen their respective count, Apple did away with numerous obscene (porn) apps while Google had to get rid of tethering apps in its US Android Market due to contractual agreements with T-Mobile.

Though both cannot be directly compared, Android marketplace will still perceive this as a big achievement and we hope that it keeps ‘closing in’ the gap.

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