Facebook Passes the ‘Apple Loyalty Test’, Switches Videos to HTML5

April 28, 2010, By Atul Roach

Adobe Flash is quite a star these days and this is for the second time in the day that we are discussing about it. Sadly though, the reason this time around is a controversial one as Facebook has now started converting its videos over to HTML5. All the videos being converted were earlier being played through Flash and this move ‘intentional’ or not, definitely undermines the Flash creator Adobe whose platform is otherwise a standard for online videos and advertising.

It is Apple which has ushered this replacement process and now Facebook obliged in order to make those videos playable on all major Apple gadgets viz. the iPhone, iPod and the recently unveiled iPad.

This procedure will by default let the Facebook videos run on other HTML5 supporting devices and that importantly includes the Android smartphones as well.

Facebook has an individual app to run on Apple devices and the social-networking giant could have managed with a specific conversion for video files opened through the app. On the contrary, Facebook decided to begin generally converting Flash Videos to HTML5 for an unexplained reason.

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