WePad Tablet Hands-on Review Proves That it Really Works

April 27, 2010, By Atul Roach

Many have touted the WePad as one of the best apparent Android tablet devices that could challenge the might of the iPad but, there were doubts regarding the very existence of the device. Those demons can now be put to rest as the device is surely for real and more so because it works and it works impressively enough.

NetbookNews got the first chance to have a real go at the device which was earlier reveled playing some video demo, making people wonder whether it will ever respond to direct control. [videos after the cut]

You will notice that both the videos tagged beneath are in German and that is because the tablet supposedly arriving in July, is headed to Germany first.

Nonetheless, the videos still manage to prove that the Intel Atom N450 powered tablet responds quite well and has an impressive 11.6-inch touchscreen which features Neofonie’s custom UI, which can also win admirers that really understand technology.

There is no mention still of release date and we will therefore have to stand by the speculation that the first WePad version will arrive in July for €449, while a double capacity 3G enabled version will follow in later for €569.

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