Visa Taking Steps to Reduce Online Scam

April 27, 2010, By Radimir Bobev

Visa have taken some steps in an effort to reduce the practice of scamming people over the Internet, which has been used by even some large Internet-based retailers during the last few years.

Some of the new changes introduce more security for users – a retailer will no longer be able to allow third parties to place charges on a card, without the card’s owner having to re-enter his details. This is a direct response to what has become one of the biggest online marketing scandals in many years.

The scandal went down after thousands of credit card users reported strange charges to their cards, which lead to the discovery of a scheme for tricking people into signing up for “loyalty programs,” a scheme which was aided by companies such as, Orbitz, Continental Airlines and The idea was that, after a purchase, users were presented with a screen which implied they were getting a discount offer and only asked them for their e-mail address – when in fact they were being signed up for additional services.

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