Toshiba Mobile Display’s New 21-inch Auto-Stereoscopic HD Screen Wants You to Throw Away Your Glasses

April 27, 2010, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

This is something that fascinates us. The new 3D screen that Toshiba Mobile Display has created is significant due to the fact that it helps 3D content viewing possible without having to wear glasses. Toshiba Mobile Display has come out with a 21-inch auto-stereoscopic HD screen that promises to add more fun into 3D content viewing.

So how does that make it possible, you may wonder. Toshiba Mobile Display tells us that the screen deploys an internal imaging system called a light field display that creates a 3D image viewable from wide viewing angles – minus the glasses! A multi-parallax design is brought into play and this deploys motion parallax. So when you have this 3D screen available to pick in stores, you will come face to face with the unique technology that allows viewing of 3D without reducing the effective resolution of the 3D display. It uses low-temperature poly-silicon technology to make this happen.

When the technology gets real, it is sure that the 3D glasses might be something you all want to throw off. Get set for the auto-stereoscopic HD screen that Toshiba Mobile Display is bringing to us soon.

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