Sony PS3 Slim Upgrade to Get a Faster RAM and Consume Lesser Power

April 27, 2010, By Atul Roach

The most secure gaming console from Sony, the PS3 Slim is slated for an update soon and the news is that the hardware update will bring in a more powerful RAM while the overall power consumption of the device will be lowered by an appreciable 15%. The RAM tweaks will be accompanied by a new RSX graphics chipset, so one can be rest assured that the next-generation Slim will generate an even more intense PS3 gaming fanaticism.

The lesser consumption of power is a direct privilege of using the new graphics chip, which is a 45nm version that consumes lesser energy and is less prone to over-heating at the same time.

The next-generation variant will surface with another change and that will be the twin sticks of 128MB XDR RAM replacing the currently available four 64MB chips. To add to this is a cooling assembly which was desperately required, taking into consideration the way the current generation models heat up.

When or where will the next generation Sony PS3 Slim arrive is an unsolved mystery but, it is for sure, that the new console avatar will be trendier, even more slimmer, energy efficient and most importantly- CHEAP.

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