Nokia N8 AWS 3G Version Spotted in FCC Files, Gets Approved on T-Mobile 3G Bands

April 27, 2010, By Atul Roach

Well, we aren’t over with the Nokia N8-00/ N8 flagship news this early and although we did talk about the phone release getting delayed for July, Nokia isn’t just done grabbing approvals for the device. Here is a sensational image which confirms the fact that Nokia N8 has been approved for the US by FCC to run on the T-Mobile supported 3G bands.

You read every word in there correctly folks! Nokia N8 is destined for the US and it is now up to T-Mobile to decide whether the carrier wants to sell the smartphone as a T-Mobile locked handset or not.

All this implies that the 12MP sensor and the 3.5-inch capacitive touchscreen bearing Nokia flagship N8-00 will also make it early to the US shores provided T-Mobile is willing to endorse it.

You might question the image atop to be that of some other Nokia handset as it simply mentions the code RM-596 and not the name N8 anywhere but, we are certain of the identity for the shape of the FCC ID label is exactly what we expect, given the shots of the N8 that have leaked thus far.

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