Apple iPhone 4G Investigation Continues: Gizmodo Editor’s House Raided by Police

April 27, 2010, By Atul Roach

The Apple iPhone 4G was a huge mystery for a long time as the fanatics were kept waiting despite rumored release dates from time to time. The jinx was finally broken when a prototype of the next-generation Apple iPhone was spotted in a bar, where-after Gizmodo took possession of the device and sprayed its details in the entirety of the worldwide web.

We were elated to have the fullest details of the device long before its release but it seems that the gamble has put the specific Gizmodo editor (who paid $5,000 for the device) in a spot of bother. We reported yesterday that the Silicon Valley cops had begun investigating the matter and now the police has raided the concerned editor’s (Jason Chen) house.

It is strange that the person who sold it to Gizmodo tried to return the iPhone 4G prototype to Apple first but, when no attention was paid, he agreed to sell it to Gizmodo. Apple was ignorant up front and now Cupertino in a fit of frenzy is heavily backing this investigation and can even press charges.

Chen’s house was raided by California’s REACT team along with the San Mateo police. Chen ‘can’ be legally protected by citing California’s Shield Laws, meant to help protect journalists from revealing sources. In all fairness, Cupertino isn’t taking the right steps and this is no way to seek popularity for the upcoming smartphone.

We have all our good wishes with Chen.

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