Volkswagen App My Ride Contest Announced; Prizes Worth €14,000 On Offer

April 26, 2010, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Volkswagen has unveiled a new contest  that could lure geeks to create new software apps, which in turn would be adopted by the car maker in its multi-media platform. The contest, called App My Ride, has been officially announced by VW providing an opportunity to design what could be next best sensation in a VW car.

Join in, who knows your app might get to play a major role in VW’s next.

The contest stems from VW’s plan of roping in the international developer community to take part in designing a future system. The App My Ride could well turn out to be an initiative where inputs from programmers across the globe would chip in to create infotainment systems that might be taken note of.

Starting May 3, 2010, Volkswagen plans to go live with the innovation community project at The site will be open for all forward looking programmers out there. All you need to do is to upload your app or write in their ideas for your programme. Contestants will need to contribute the original idea, as also a graphic user interface and underlying software program in Adobe Flash/Flex, VW has said. And in case you stand to win, VW has arrayed a slew of cash and non-cash prizes worth up to €14,000. Student participants will get to win separate prizes too.  Further, VW will also invite the winner to be part of a new car unveiling when it does it next time.

Doesn’t that sound great. There isn’t much time to lose. Get set for writing the best infotainment programme VW has ever picked for its beauties.

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