Vodafone UK Nexus One Release Date & Pricing Officially Confirmed, Pre-order Now

April 26, 2010, By Alex Ion

After long speculations, Vodafone UK made an official statement announcing that the Google Nexus One will be released on April 30 — which is this Friday if you don’t have a calendar at hand. The British carrier also gave us more info regarding pricing, and aren’t we jealous on those lads who’ll be getting it for free if they sign a two-year agreement with the company?

Of course, the contract requires you to choose a monthly plan that will cost North of ₤25 (or around $39 at today’s rate), but how’s that compared to the United States where Google sells the Nexus One unlocked for a hefty $529 or with a T-Mobile two-year monthly plan, at $179? Definitely an awesome deal from Google and Vodafone UK.

After its North American debut, this is the first time the Nexus One becomes available abroad with international GSM frequencies. While we expected it, the funny thing is, if in the United States Google wants to do the selling for their “precious” on google.com/phone, in the UK they’re allowing Vodafone to sell it in their brick and mortar stores or online.

According to Google, first to get their hands on the Nexus One are the British customers, but it looks like Vodafone will be carrying the device to other European markets. So I guess availability in Germany, Spain or maybe Italy, is just a matter of time.

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