Verizon Nexus One May Not Happen, Google Wants You to Buy the HTC Incredible

April 26, 2010, By Alex Ion

Just after announcing that the Nexus One will be available in the UK on Vodafone this Friday, we’re finding out that Google won’t come up with a CDMA version of their phone for Verizon.

And while that doesn’t meant the Verizon Nexus One has been canceled (still hope for many of you out there), in a recent blog post Google encourages Verizon customers to look at the “similarly feature-packed” cousin of the Nexus One, the Droid Incredible by HTC.

“In the US, if you’ve been waiting for the Nexus One for Verizon Wireless’ network, head over to to pre-order the Droid Incredible by HTC, a powerful new Android phone and a cousin of the Nexus One that is similarly feature-packed. It will be available in stores on April 29th.”

Hey all mighty G, we know all these. What we don’t know is if you still have plans to build a Nexus One that will sell with Big Red, or not.

What do you guys think? Will the Nexus One make it to Verizon Wireless in the end, or is the Incredible far too similar with it, which is why Google may back out from the deal?

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