Sony PlayStation3 Gets New Hardware Update; Console May Come Cheap

April 26, 2010, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

A new version of the Sony PlayStation 3 hardware is being incorporated at the moment bringing into focus a cheaper device altogether.  We get to know that PS3 is being spruced up with an update that will bring in a new RSX graphics chip and RMA tweaks into the console. The  45nm version graphics chip is significant that it would use 15 per cent less power and is less prone to overheat.

And, what’s more, the update is cheaper that you might get to buy this version of the console with less impact on your wallet.

The new update, codenamed CECH-2100A, follows Sony’s act of slimming down the PS3 some time ago.  The new update could be sought after by gaming enthusiasts for the reason that is doesn’t get overheated with a new cooling assembly perfectly in place. The update involves 128MB of XDR RAM in twin sticks, much differe3nt from the earlier practice of the four 64MB chips used in the console.

It is being rumored that Sony has already begun using a new version of the PlayStation 3 hardware in the latest consoles. That could mean the next time you shop for your PS3, you could get for a profit.

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