HTC Droid Incredible Debuts With 2GB microSD Card, Verizon Says it’s a Limited Offer

April 26, 2010, By Atul Roach

There are talks in the air (definitely confirmed ones) that the Verizon-locked HTC Incredible will come with a 2GB microSD card courtesy of a limited offer. The image beneath is a clear evidence of the existence of the offer but what remains a mystery is the longevity of this offer.

Another desperate query by the HTC Incredible seekers is whether existing pre-orders are included in this offer or not. Agreed that this isn’t a stunning offer that will get the fanatics raging but the effectiveness of a microSD card on an Android device can surely be tested.

There are doubts regarding the complete usage of an extra storage option (especially the microSD) as many apps currently available in the Android Marketplace which use an SD card for offloading data are unable to see the internal storage at all.

This implies that if you drag some APKs you wish to install or want to download some data when you’re in an app, you might be helpless as the card will not see the internal storage option at all.

NYC Bus & Subway Maps application was the one in particular which reportedly faced the aforesaid problem. A 2GB option (free) will always be nice to confirm as an individual user whether the problem does exist or not, instead of spending money on a 32GB variant straight away.

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