Free Palm Pixi on Sprint With a Two-Year Contract

April 26, 2010, By Atul Roach

Generally when a carrier-locked phone is available for free with a contract, it hints at the arrival of a fresh device but such is seemingly not the case with the Palm Pixi. Sprint is now offering the device without a charge on a two-year contract and the probable reason is that the Palm devices have woefully failed to impress the iPhone generation.

Talk about a new Palm device arriving and hence the Pixi turning free on Sprint, where is the C40 or the Palm Pre 4G then? At least a rumor or an image of either of these two devices would have been great but we have nothing on them as of now. Forget new devices, the word is that its webOS might eventually be replaced by Android in an attempt to change the dwindling fortunes of the company.

As far as the free Pixi with a two-year contract goes, the interested parties will have to hit Sprint’s online portal to order the phone for themselves. Sprint retail stores all across the US may not be ready with the stock of these free Pixi handsets and therefore the online option is the safest best thus far.

A device that lacks a basic feature such as the WiFi integration and runs on a reasonably slow processor was always going to be sold for free and we wonder how it managed to impress people with a price tag until now.

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