iPod Touch Prototypes With Camera Show Up on eBay, We Wonder Who Lost Them

April 25, 2010, By Alex Ion

After last week’s leak about the new iPhone (how Apple Software Engineer, Gray Powell, lost it and what’s under the hood), we’re now hearing that the new iPod Touch may come out with a camera. Which makes us wonder, did any of you guys lost a special iPod prototype in a German bar?

Found in an eBay listing, the two new iPod Touches have the same identification codes “DVT-1” and “DVT-2” as the iPhone (where “DVT” supposedly stands for “design verification test”), with the DVT-2 model wearing an extra bar code label that is said to feature the “Apple Development Team” signature.

What’s interesting is that, if you remember, Steve Jobs actually said that it’s impossible to put a camera into a device so thin, but the model number “A1318” at the bottom on these two prototypes, matches the current iPod Touch models. Which could mean Cupertino had the camera in there before hitting mass production, but ditched just before it had to go out in the wild.

And that’s really something Steve would do … don’t you think?

For now, unless the folks from Gizmodo nailed these already, we’ll have to wait a few months before we get more details about these iPod Touch models with camera. That’s because the eBay listing was deleted soon after it got media attention.

So honestly folks, did any of you lost these iPod Touch prototypes?

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