Sprint Offers Premier Customers a Chance to Win HTC EVO 4G and a Vacation

April 23, 2010, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Are you a Sprint Premier Customer? Here’s news for you if you are. Sprint’s first 3G/WiMAX phone – the HTC EVO 4G – is coming to you much easier than you thought. Sprint is offering Premier Customers an opportunity to win one of 10 HTC EVO 4G handsets that it would be bringing on.  

All you need to win the phone is to write a 150-word piece on what you can do fast, akin to what the phone maker has been doing with its 4G commercials. And, if the judging panel likes what you have written, you might stand the chance of winning the HTC EVO 4G. Many other prizes are also on offer. Sprint has said that at least 10 Premier Customers will be given away the top prize. The HTC EVO 4G phones won will be accompanied by a full year’s worth of free service.

Even more interesting is the fact that four out of the ten winners will be gifted a vacation to a Sprint 4G-enabled city for an extended Summer weekend! If you are a Sprint Premier Customer, you just need to log on to the Sprint  page where you have all the details of the contest well laid out. The last date of entry is May 9 and if your work is noticed by the judges, you will get notified on May 18.

Doesn’t that sound nice. Calling all Sprint Premier Customers! Your brand new Android 2.1-driven HTC EVO 4G is just a cool 150-word note away.

(Via Sprint)

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