Nexus One “Coming Soon” on Vodafone UK, Release Date Still in April

April 23, 2010, By Alex Ion

British customers looking to grab a Nexus One with Vodafone UK should know that the handset now appears on their website as a “coming soon” device. A release date is still set for April, and while that’s not much and Vodafone won’t give us more details, we’re expecting the N1 to launch sometimes in the next couple of weeks for those of you who can sit tight and wait.

So why would anyone wait for the Nexus One to debut in April and not go for the HTC Desire or the Legend, right now? One thing is the N1 will be getting Android updates faster, since it’s a Google phone. Secondly, the N1 is thinner (less than half a millimetre) than the Desire.

Really folks, if you don’t care about the traditional trackball on the Nexus One (compared to the trackpad on the Desire) and the fact that you won’t be getting HTC’s amazing Sense UI, give it a few more days on Vodafone UK and you’ll be bagging one home.

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