Hulu Introducing Paid Subscription Model – Initial Price Set at $10/Month

April 23, 2010, By Radimir Bobev

Hulu is a well-known website among entertainment lovers – several large American media companies are providing episodes of their shows completely free. So far, the website hasn’t asked its users for any money, supporting itself through advertisement. People have been talking about a potential introduction of a paid subscription model, but nothing has been seen officially – until now.

About two months from now, Hulu should launch “Hulu Plus,” which will cost $9.95 a month and will give you full unlimited access to a show’s complete episode catalog – unlike now, where you can only watch the latest five ones that have been released. Oddly enough, ads aren’t removed, and you’ll still have to look at them even with the premium version.

There’s been a lot of pressure over Hulu to start profiting more seriously. Last year they registered $100 million profits, with expectations of around $200 million for this year, but that’s really not much when you compare it to the potential earnings from airing the shows on TV.

Don’t worry though, nothing should change for those who prefer to stay free, as you’ll still be able to view the last 5 episodes like usual.

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